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My name is Shantell aka Shantell's Natural Hair and i am a mother of four with several businesses. I was just like some of you on welfare and i knew i had to get out of the system as their goal was to keep people like me stuck. Before i started my first business, i didn't know where life was taking me, but i knew that i wanted to become my own boss and not just some employee working at Harris Teeter. No offense to anybody but that was not my cup of money. I am very passionate about what i do and love motivating those that wants to start their own business, make multiple streams of income, become a better version of themselves, how to manifest, and never give up. I have been featured on webinars, featured in the small business spotlight in Washington D.C., featured on ABC 7 news, and many others.

About Our Founder, CEO & Creator

Wealthy. Be Next.

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